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We proudly present the Austria Backyard Ultra Ambassadors 2024!


We are very happy to have found a colorful, motivated, fun troop as ambassadors of the Austria Backyard Ultra.

4 different personalities who have a very special story to tell.


Maybe you will meet them at an ABU event or one of our try out runs and let them lead you into the ABU family. Important tips and tricks for the Backyard Ultra included ;-)


If you also want to be part of the ABU Ambassadors in 2025, please feel free to apply towards the end of the year. Announcement will follow on our channels.

We are looking forward to you.

Born on 8.4.1970

I am a Carinthian at heart - I live in Vienna

My running history:

I have been a jogger since 2002

I have been a runner since 2009

I have been an ultra runner since 2011

My running highlights:

Transalpine Run 2019: 2nd place at Master Mixed Class

ARAB 2020 with 25:43:39 hrs 2nd place Over all and woman course record

DLL 2021 Over all Winner 1334km in 21 days Transalpine Run 2022 1st place at Senior Master Mix Class


Winner of the "Golden Coin" 2022 with 34 loops at the Satellite World Championships in Seekirchen/Wallersee (A)

Participant at the European Backyard Ultra Masters in Rettert (D), DNF with 42 loops

Participant 2023 at the BIG Dog's in Tennessee (US), DNF with 52 loops


My running and competition philosophy:

"Roll up the field from the back"

"The duck is fat at the back"

My training philosophy:

An all-round well thought-out plan - includes family, work.

Leisure time is characterized by multisport, with a focus on running.

Regeneration is important, otherwise top performance is not possible.

Hello folks,

I am looking forward to accompanying you through the season as an ABU Ambassador for a second time.

For everyone who doesn't know me yet (but will definitely get to know me 😉), I'm Markus, I'm 35 years old, I come from beautiful Styria, more precisely from Grafendorf in the Hartberg district.

The first year as an ambassador went great, I was able to meet many new fellow sufferers - make friends and do many loops together.


My highlight was definitely taking part in the Backyard Ultra World Championships in Tennessee, alongside many beautiful moments along the ABU series 😊

In my work as an ambassador, my greatest motivation is YOU! to motivate people to try out the Backyard format and bring it closer to them and also find fun in it 😊

I'm always open to questions, concerns, suggestions or whatever. Feel free and connect, see you at the start line. See you then 😊

Hey, my name is Matthias,

Bj 84, I'm married and a happy father of two daughters.  

In a nutshell: Running is my life! It was not always like that. When I was at school I was still passionate about football, but when I was 15-16 years old, other things became more interesting. 

In my 20s I was overweight, listless and had no self-confidence. It was my little family that kept me afloat.  

After a tragic accident in autumn 2015, I decided to dedicate my first Wingsforlife Run 2016 in Vienna to my late nephew Patrik.


After “only” 9km the race was over for me. But I was so proud and happy. Running hasn't let me go since then. And what’s more – it changed my life! 

Inspired by ultrarunner friends from Salzburg with whom I was allowed to train, it quickly became clear to me that it would be nice to take a little longer. 🙂


Persuaded by a good friend, I started a Backyard Ultra for the first time in Seekirchen in the fall of '21. I was excited!  

The Austria Backyard Ultra is the perfect format for every runner, because with the 6.7km lap starting every hour on the hour, you decide for yourself how many laps you want to do. And it is not uncommon for personal records to be broken.  

If you want to try something new, the Austria Backyard Ultra is just the thing: run, get to know people, have fun and surpass yourself!  

I would be very happy to meet you at the start line!  

With this in mind: Kind regards and one more loop 



My name is Moritz and I live near St. Pölten in Lower Austria.

I am 30 years old and have been an enthusiastic participant since the first Austria Backyard Ultra.

Immediately after my first appearance at the ABU premiere in Frankenmarkt 2021, I couldn't let go of this ultra-running mode.

I was also one of the first two runners who were allowed to start in Frankenmarkt 2023 with a gold start number.

At this event I managed to exceed the 100 mile limit for the first time, which was a special highlight for me.


For me, the fascination of the Austria Backyard Ultra lies in the fact that many runners can beat their personal kilometer records. You run a backyard mainly with your head, of course you need the appropriate basic fitness, but after a certain number of hours your head decides whether you start again or finish the race. So every starter can explore their personal limits.

You also make a lot of new contacts while running and a real “ABU family” has emerged in recent years. I am happy to be on board as an ambassador for Austria Backyard Ultra in 2024. 😊💪🏻


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