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What is a Backyard Ultra?

Backyard Ultra is a very popular ultra running mode around the world. Not the fastest runners win, but those who can enjoy the event the longest. Last Wo(man) Standing.

Only the last one on the track wins. Everyone else gets a DNF!

The original Big Dog's Backyard Ultra takes place every 2 years in October in Tennessee, USA and is very popular in the ultra running scene. Founder Gary "Lazarus" Cantrell is also known for the infamous Barkley Marathons.

Backyard Ultra

Backyard Ultra Rules

  • A lap of 6.706 kilometers (= 4.167 miles) is run. 24 laps equal 100 miles.

  • Every hour all runners start a new lap. If you don't finish the round in time and are back at the start, you're out! No late start! Very easy!

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Backyard Ultra
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