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Austria Backyard Ultra be part of it

Become a member of the Austria Backyard Ultra!

You searching for new challenges? No matter if you are a beginner or an ultra runner!

Do you find the Austria Backyard Ultra project interesting and are you motivated to help out with like-minded people at a cool event?
Would you like to actively participate in the series in Austria?

For 2024 we are looking for ambassadors again. The call for applications will be made towards the end of the year.

Here's your chance!

How did Austria Backyard Ultra come about?

"Even nicer than having visions is making them come true." (quote Lisz Brain)

By chance and curiosity, I (Norbert) found out about a very peculiar type of running competition.

Backyard Ultra is a different kind of tactical running and so I tried it out in Germany in October 2020.

Enthusiastic about the flair of togetherness, relaxed running, no fighting against each other, having fun together during the competition and a very personal motivation for running.

The fastest is not the favorite at the Backyard Ultra, but whoever can motivate themselves mentally and physically for the longest time in a new round!

So it quickly became clear that I wanted to run a Backyard Ultra in Austria.

The search was in vain. There was no Backyard Ultra in the Alpine republic.

The solution was found. Then a Backyard Ultra had to be organized in Austria!

I was able to find a supporter in Andi and he immediately had a good idea for a 6.705 km long run in Frankenmarkt.

The Birth of the 1st Austria Backyard Ultra - Frankenmarkt 2021!

The rest were countless hours in the organization and a top event with many enthusiastic participants on July 3rd, 2021.

With the Austria Backyard Ultra - Seekirchen 2021 only 3 months later, little Austria had already achieved a good status quo in the participant statistics worldwide in the first year.

Now it was clear that there would be one in Austria Austria Backyard Ultra Series give...

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Austria Backyard Ultra be part of it
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