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Austria Backyard Ultra Bist du Bereit


You do not know
where is your limit

-Christian Bischoff

Are you ready to find out?

5 backyards
5 ways

Backyard Ultra Rules

  • A lap of 6.706 kilometers (= 4.167 miles) is run. 24 laps equal 100 miles.

  • Every hour all runners start a new lap. If you don't finish the round in time and are back at the start, you're out! No late start! Very easy!

  • The start signal is given at 3, 2 or 1 minute before the start. You will learn to hate the signal. 😉

  • How you manage the 6.7 km is up to you, as long as you move on your own strength on your legs and hands. Aids are not allowed (including trekking poles)!

  • No personal help or support on the route.

  • Slower runners must let faster runners pass.

  • Leaving the track is prohibited.

  • Mandatory equipment: A headlamp at night

  • The race only ends when there are no more runners on the course. => open end

  • If the runner-up is eliminated, the winner must have completed one more full lap. All other runners have a "DNF".

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